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Simple Two Ingredient Summer Cocktails

These simple two ingredient summer cocktails taste impressive, but are insanely easy to make.

Most people adore drinking cocktails at bars and restaurants, and who can blame them? Cocktails taste great, are festive in nature, and always seem to be artfully presented to those who get to drink them. That's also the main reason why people love to drink cocktails at parties. 

In many ways, grabbing a cocktail or whipping something up for your guests seems to be something that you can only do if you have enough money for a full bar setup or if you have professional training in the bartending field. 

After all, it's not like most cocktails are easy (or cost-effective) to make. The ones dotting Pinterest boards often require hard-to-find, overly specific or pricey ingredients. Sometimes, even the mixing methods seem to be somewhat insane. 

That's why the following simple two ingredient summer cocktails are brilliant for any upcoming summer brunch party. They look great, taste incredible, and only involve two ingredients to make. 

Of course, getting the right summer cocktails is only half the battle to being an awesome host. To make sure your summer cocktail game is on point, this article will tell you how to make each two ingredient cocktail as well as serving suggestions — straight from your favorite food critic, me!


Of all the simple two ingredient summer cocktails on this list, mimosas might actually be the most famous — and the most elegant. 

How to make them:

This simple cocktail consists of equal parts orange juice and sparkling wine, and if you want to get very fancy, a fruit garnish. That's all there is to it!

How to serve them:

That being said mimosas are incredibly versatile in terms of what they can pair with. They are most commonly associated with brunches, primarily because this is a recipe that you can scale up for multiple people without any issue. 

Along with being a great overall summer brunch drink, mimosas also pair very well with salads, seafood dinners, and of course, desserts. Generally, if your fair is light and not overly citrusy, mimosas will do well with them. 


Bellinis are like the slightly snootier cousin of Mimosas, and they are just as delicious. Surprisingly, they also are rather simple two ingredient summer cocktails to make, too. 

How to make them:

Mix equal parts peach puree (or peach nectar) with sparkling wine. Serve in a fancy glass. 

How to serve them:

There's really no bad pairing for a good Bellini. They even get served in mobile wine bars these days .'Nuff said. 


Screwdrivers are generally seen as trashy "college kid" drinks, and are occasionally just called vodka-oranges when they're ordered at clubs. They may be strong and overpowering for some, but the truth is that they are classics for a reason. 

How to make them: 

Screwdrivers are drinks that are made of orange juice, with vodka added to taste. It's generally assumed that at least a single shot of vodka will be used in a screwdriver, and that the rest of the drink will be orange juice. 

How to serve them: 

Truthfully, screwdrivers generally do not pair very well with food. This is primarily a party drink for that specific reason. Even so, it's one of the better simple two ingredient summer cocktails for people on a budget. 

Rusty Nails

Rusty Nails involve two majorly Scottish drink ingredients — Drambuie and Scotch whiskey. Though this may not seem like a summer cocktail ingredient, I'll argue that it is, simply because it pairs so well with so many gastropub foods currently on menus. 

How to make them:

The standard Rusty Nail recipe is two parts Scotch whiskey, plus one part Drambuie. Mix the two ingredients together, stir, and serve with some ice. 

How to serve them: 

While this may not be what you were thinking of when searching up simple two ingredient summer cocktails, hear us out — this pairs incredibly well with grilled steak, pork, and chicken. If you have friends who love a strong drink that sips slow, then offer them a Rusty Nail when they are having drinks at your next cookout. 

Additionally, it's worth noting that using top shelf liquor in a Rusty Nail is really a great idea. You will taste the difference, and it will be excellent. 


There are many simple two ingredient summer cocktails on this list you may have heard of, but Calimochos are probably not one of them. This is one of those recipes you either love or hate, but for those who love it, it's one of the most refreshing drinks they can enjoy all summer. 

How to make them:

To make a Calimocho, mix equal parts red wine and Coca-Cola into a glass, and serve. 

How to serve them:

These cocktails are great for spicing up cheap wine, but the truth is that it often takes a lot of convincing to actually get someone to give a Calimocho a try. It's best to serve them without telling people what's inside — that way they can't refuse to try it with the idea that it tastes gross. 

What's awesome about this summer cocktail is how well it pairs with Spanish food. Calimochos taste really great with tapas, tacos, and Mexicali fare. If you're going to a food truck, bringing Calimochos in a thermos is a great idea.  


Palomas might sound like something your grandma would make, but that old gal might have had the right idea. This superbly summery cocktail is refreshing and makes for a great tiki punch. 

How to make them: 

To make a Paloma, grab a glass and fill it with ice. Add a shot of tequila, then top it off with grapefruit soda. 

Note: Make sure it's a grapefruit soda and not grapefruit juice. This does affect the flavor of the cocktail immensely. 

How to serve them: 

Serving them on a tray after a game of frisbee is amazing. They also work with brunch, salads, Mexican food, and even burgers. Cuban food, in particular, tends to work well with them — as do light, fruit-based desserts. 

However, from personal experience, mixing steak with a Paloma isn't a good idea. 

Dark 'N' Stormy's

Few simple two ingredient summer cocktails have been getting as much attention as the Dark 'N' Stormy. This ginger beer-based drink is perfect for people who want a drink that provides a spicy yet cooling kick on a hot summer day. 

How to make them: 

The official Dark 'N' Stormy recipe is to pour two ounces of Gosling's rum over ice and top it with five ounces of ginger beer. The more realistic recipe is to mix rum of any brand and ginger beer to taste, then pour the mixture over ice. 

How to serve them:

These taste remarkably similar to a Moscow Mule, so if you know what foods pair well with those, then you already know when to make a Dark and Stormy. 

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