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Stocking Stuffers for your Favorite Martini Fan

Have a friend who loves any drink that ends in -tini? These stocking stuffers for your favorite martini fan will be sure to make their Christmas a merry one!

Martinis are, and always will be, in style. They are a cornerstone of drinking and have long been a classic among connoisseurs of all kinds. They're elegant, taste delicious, and can be surprisingly good options for your waistline, too. 

It used to be that you either had to have the money for a bartender or a bartender's talents to enjoy them. This is no longer the case!

These days, companies like Vitani have made it possible to enjoy delicious martini cocktails, without being a bartender. As a result, more people are getting into the martini mania than ever before. 

If you have a martini aficionado in your life, you'll need this perfect guide filled with stocking stuffers for your favorite martini lover. Check out our top picks below!

Elderflower Pear Martini by Vitani

One of the holy grails of any serious martini lover is a premixed martini that tastes like it's fresh off the menu from a celebrity hangout, while being affordable enough for casual sipping. That's why one of the best stocking stuffers for your favorite martini fan is a big bottle of Vitani's Elderflower Pear Martini.

This premixed martini offers a beautiful aromatic blend of elderflower, pear, and a splash of honey. The end result is a martini that has a wonderful amount of sweetness, with a pop of crisp fruit as the base flavor. Yum!

For more information on Vitani, please visit

Martini Glass Keychain by SkunkWerkz

This faux leather keychain shows that being part of the martini fandom is all about being classy. Made with a beautiful laser engraving and epic workmanship, this is one keychain that keeps things classy while they show their martini love. 

If you're looking for stocking stuffers for your favorite martini fan that insists on keeping their martini appreciation classy, this will be the perfect gift for them.

Dirty Martini by Vitani

There are two types of martini lovers out there, from what we've seen. There are people who love sweet martinis, and people who enjoy the deliciousness of a classic old-school cocktail. For people who love the strong bite of a classic martini, there are few stocking stuffers that could top Vitani's Dirty Martini.

Vitani mixes a mean Dirty Martini with top-shelf ingredients; the result is strong, with just enough olive juice to give you a good pucker. It's also surprisingly affordable, making it a gift that won't kill your wallet in the process. 

For more information on Vitani, please visit

Cocktail Grow Kit by Grow.

Perhaps one of the coolest stocking stuffers for your favorite martini fans with a green thumb is a kit that allows them to grow their own cocktail ingredients. This Cocktail Grow Kit gives them all the tools they need to make their own bar-ready herbs. 

Plants included in this kit include mint, lemon balm, blue borage, and lavender. Once they grow, use them to make liquor infusions for your martini—or as a garnish for food!

Martini Ice Liner by Uncommon Goods

There's something to be said about the home bartender who can never quite get their martinis to be served as cold as they want to be served. That's why this simple, silicone martini ice liner is one of the best stocking stuffers for your favorite martini fan.

Just fill the glass with water (or juice), put the ice liner inside, and let it freeze. Then, mix your martini as usual, and pour. The frozen sides of the glass will keep things cool, and possibly give every martini you make a pop of flavor.

The Copper Parisian Bar Tool Set by VonShef

This 9-piece bar set remains one of the best stocking stuffers for your favorite martini fan, assuming they love a DIY approach to their drinkology. This bar tool set has all you need in order to ensure you can make just about any drink in the book. 

The kit comes with two different strainers, a shot jigger, two pourers, a shaker, and a bar spoon/fork—among other home bar essentials. Better still, it comes with a number of recipes involving classic martini variations to enjoy, too. So novices won't feel left out of the fun. 

Steel Gold Tone Cocktail Stirrers by Macy's Holiday Lane

Lane Set of 4 Steel Gold-Tone Cocktail Stirrers, Created for Macy's Home - Holiday Lane - Macy's
Shop Lane Set of 4 Steel Gold-Tone Cocktail Stirrers, Created for Macy's online at

Though James Bond may famously love his martinis "shaken, not stirred," the truth is, martinis are supposed to be stirred gently. These adorable stocking stuffers for martini fans are great for stirring—and even greater for ensuring you don't accidentally switch drinks at your next party. 

Each stirrer has a Christmas cheer-boosting word at the end, and is designed to work with almost any martini set you have. 

The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart

Everyone who knows that someone's a martini lover or home bartender will eventually get them a classic bar book involving cocktail ideas. But how many will give them a book that tells them fascinating facts behind their favorite drinks? 

The Drunken Botanist tells tales of the plants behind favorite liquors and cocktail flavors beautifully, and makes for one of the best stocking stuffers for your favorite martini fan out there. 

Tarot of Cocktails by Katy Siebel

Looking for one of the most esoteric stocking stuffers for your favorite martini fan? Never fear, Katy Siebel is here, with something no one would see coming—a deck of tarot cards, each with a unique recipe on the back of them. 

Martini fans who love the idea of expanding their bartender repertoire will love this tarot deck. It's also a great gift idea for the pagan in your life who may be celebrating Yule, too!

Martini Cologne Spray by Demeter

Looking for one of the most unique stocking stuffers for your favorite martini fan? Quirky perfume house Demeter came up with a cologne that smells identical to a freshly-mixed martini. 

So, now you can smell booze, without the calories. Who'd have guessed?

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