All about the effects of alcohol on the mind and body, and what a drinker should expect from a sip, or ten, of the hard stuff.

Marc Sander24 days ago
The Top Reason You Cannot Stay Sober
Hi, my name is Marc and I am an alcoholic. I have said those words literally thousands of times throughout the years. Although I have been sober for 23 years, I still go to self-help meetings to addre...
Emily Christysona month ago
"Don't You Miss Drinking?"
I guess the best way to start this is just to dive right in. My name’s Emily, I’m an alcoholic and I’m very open about it, which, to each their own it’s anonymous for a reason, I’m just not a good rul...
Ann Kinga month ago
My Life as the Alcoholic's Spouse
If you are married to an alcoholic, then there is no need for me to tell you the living hell you are put through every day of your life. There is always someone out there who has what they believe are...
Danijela Kovaca month ago
Last Call
"So, what is your drug of choice, crack?" The police officer asked. "Um, no, I just drink." The look on his face said it all. I was a fucking loser. Here I was, a 35 year old mother who was arrested, ...
Alissandru Lopeza month ago
My Alcohol Addiction
Close your eyes. I want you to imagine this scene in your head. You get woken up by someone you barely know, in a house you’ve never been in, drenched in sweat. You feel like you’re moving in slow mot...
Cassidy Webba month ago
What Happened to My Body When I Quit Drinking
Alcohol was an exhilarating part of my life for several years—as it is for a lot of people. Gin and tonic were my go-tos, and it was my way to relax at the end of a long, stressful day. It also gave m...
Ringo Mendoza2 months ago
10 Complications of Alcohol Withdrawal
Right now, the media is focused on the "War on Drugs;" however, there is another epidemic that has been going on around the world for a very long time. Right now, in the US alone, about 14 million adu...
Craig House2 months ago
Decider on Cider
Fermented Apples. It’s a popular alcoholic drink in the UK, and its popularity is growing around the world. It seems like there’s an ever-increasing number of ciders in the market at the moment, with the traditional apple ciders having more and more competition from a range of fruit-flavoured ciders. Cider really has become the pinnace of British drinking, with local ranges rising in popularity. So what can you get on the market at the moment? And more importantly: Which is best?
Terry Stone3 months ago
How to Become an Alcoholic
If anyone recognizes the deadly nature of alcoholism it is this writer. I have suffered enough for ten lifetimes, and if there is a single reason that stands above all others for writing this article ...
Donald Jefferson3 months ago
Most Popular Student Drinking Games
Drinking games seem as common on college campuses as tests. So—whether it’s someone else’s party or your own—it’s a good idea to know some of the best games. Of course, it’s important to be wary of yo...
SKYLERIZED 3 months ago
Reason First: Should Tiger Woods Be Blamed for a Drunken Driver's Death?
Fresh from sporting a green jacket at the Masters Tournament, and receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Tiger Woods has found himself in yet another legal battle. This time, it involves an asso...
Ann King3 months ago
Alcoholic Spouse Is Killing Himself, And I Can't Stop It
I am the wife of an alcoholic who is slowly committing suicide, and there is nothing I can do to save him. I have been married almost four decades, don't get me wrong, my husband did not start off a d...
Tobias Gillot4 months ago
The Legal Consequences of Alcoholism
By one estimate, 6.2 percent of adults suffer from an alcohol use disorder. Nearly 10 million men are dealing with this disorder, compared to 5.3 million women. Alcohol can have a wide range of negati...
Alex Korr5 months ago
How Many Is Enough?
As obvious as it may sound, the best way of avoiding alcohol addiction is to drink in moderation or not drink at all. It is vital to educate young people about the consequences alcohol abuse can have ...
Rebekah Sanyu5 months ago
A Cocktail of Alcohol and Depression—What Are the Consequences?
So let's take a moment to talk about alcohol. Being smashed. Getting wellied. And what a more appropriate time to do it than when I'm still intoxicated at 8:07 AM, from the night before. Alcohol is a ...
Daisy Rowley6 months ago
How to Overcome Alcoholism?
This is an important concept in my life as alcoholism runs in my blood—the disease that is thought to be part genetics and hereditary. So, being that my great grandfather died of liver failure from alcohol, and my grandfather is a recovering alcoholic, drinking is something limited and preserved.
Riley Raul Reese6 months ago
How Alcohol Can Affect Your Body
For the past six years of my life, I had a serious problem. Like many people my age, I was a functional alcoholic. I would drink anywhere from three to six beverages a day, and on the weekends? It was...
Morgan E. Westling8 months ago
What Is Baijiu?
Many Americans have heard of the Japanese drink sake (though there will be things you probably didn't know about sake as well), but more likely than not, they'll ask the question: “What is baijiu?” Th...