All about the effects of alcohol on the mind and body, and what a drinker should expect from a sip, or ten, of the hard stuff.

Donald Jefferson13 hours ago
Most Popular Student Drinking Games
Drinking games seem as common on college campuses as tests. So—whether it’s someone else’s party or your own—it’s a good idea to know some of the best games. Of course, it’s important to be wary of yo...
SKYLERIZED 9 days ago
Reason First: Should Tiger Woods Be Blamed for a Drunken Driver's Death?
Fresh from sporting a green jacket at the Masters Tournament, and receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Tiger Woods has found himself in yet another legal battle. This time, it involves an asso...
Ann King11 days ago
Alcoholic Spouse Is Killing Himself, And I Can't Stop It
I am the wife of an alcoholic who is slowly committing suicide, and there is nothing I can do to save him. I have been married almost four decades, don't get me wrong, my husband did not start off a d...
Tobias Gillota month ago
The Legal Consequences of Alcoholism
By one estimate, 6.2 percent of adults suffer from an alcohol use disorder. Nearly 10 million men are dealing with this disorder, compared to 5.3 million women. Alcohol can have a wide range of negati...
Alex Korr2 months ago
How Many Is Enough?
As obvious as it may sound, the best way of avoiding alcohol addiction is to drink in moderation or not drink at all. It is vital to educate young people about the consequences alcohol abuse can have ...
Rebekah Sanyu3 months ago
A Cocktail of Alcohol and Depression—What Are the Consequences?
So let's take a moment to talk about alcohol. Being smashed. Getting wellied. And what a more appropriate time to do it than when I'm still intoxicated at 8:07 AM, from the night before. Alcohol is a ...
Daisy Rowley3 months ago
How to Overcome Alcoholism?
This is an important concept in my life as alcoholism runs in my blood—the disease that is thought to be part genetics and hereditary. So, being that my great grandfather died of liver failure from alcohol, and my grandfather is a recovering alcoholic, drinking is something limited and preserved.
Riley Raul Reese3 months ago
How Alcohol Can Affect Your Body
For the past six years of my life, I had a serious problem. Like many people my age, I was a functional alcoholic. I would drink anywhere from three to six beverages a day, and on the weekends? It was...
Morgan E. Westling5 months ago
What Is Baijiu?
Many Americans have heard of the Japanese drink sake (though there will be things you probably didn't know about sake as well), but more likely than not, they'll ask the question: “What is baijiu?” Th...
Skunk Uzeki10 months ago
Things You Might Not Know About Alcohol Poisoning
I remember my 30th birthday party. Well, okay, not really. I don't remember much of it, since I did 30 shots for 30 years over the course of eight hours, argued with a salsa jar, then passed out somew...
Nancy Da year ago
Eight Amazing Shooter Recipes
SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! Have a party coming up? Need a new drink of the week were you work? Better yet, want to just make some shots for fun? Well, I have some good news for you: you have come to the rig...
Ann Kinga year ago
The Alcoholic's Spouse
They say if you dig deep enough into any family tree, you will find one, no matter how hard the family has tried to hide their family shame. The "one" I am talking about is the family "alcoholic." In ...
Mama Mooda year ago
My Alcoholic Husband
Here I am again. Sitting up and unable to fully relax. To sleep, that would be peace. I don't think I have slept fully in months. My husband is in the thick of his addiction. It feels worse than ever....
Devon Thomasa year ago
Best Drinking Games for Two People Everyone Should Play
I let my son Jarret have alcohol if he's supervised by me. I figure if he's already drinking, then he might as well do so in a safe space. And he may very well be drinking given that he's in the 9th g...
Skunk Uzekia year ago
Best Rated Hard Seltzer Brands
Hard seltzer is the newest, trendiest thing on the market. Its popularity comes from the fact that it's an alcoholic beverage that gets you buzzed, has low carb counts, and still manages to taste cris...
April Demarcoa year ago
Best Yeast Free Alcohol to Bring to Your Next Party
Many of the most popular alcoholic beverages unfortunately include yeast. And for someone who is trying to transition their diet into a yeast-free or gluten-free one, this can come as a disappointment...
Maurice Berniera year ago
Confession of a Teetotaler
I am a weirdo!!! I just realized that wasn't a great way to open up because my friends already know that I am a weirdo. This is nothing new to them. What I meant to say is that I have a strange habit....