All about the effects of alcohol on the mind and body, and what a drinker should expect from a sip, or ten, of the hard stuff.

Sheera Lee2 years ago
33 Booze Life Hacks Every Drinker Needs to Know
Elevate your bartender, mixologist and sommelier skills to the next level with these 33 booze hacks: Capsaicin, the chemical that makes peppers hot, is not water-soluble but is alcohol-soluble. Take a...
Proof Staff2 years ago
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Iwan Palinski2 years ago
Do Bloody Marys Really Cure Hangovers?
"I pray thee let me and my fellow have A hair of the dog that bit us last night— And bitten were we both to the brain aright. We saw each other drunk in the good ale glass." —John Heywood, 1546 There ...
Lynne Shumaker2 years ago
Whiskey: A Guide and History
Long before the Bloody Mary, the Screwdriver, the Martini, the Margarita, and the Daiquiri appeared on the scene, alcohol lovers were drinking Mint Juleps, Sazeracs, Old Fashioneds, and Manhattans—all...
Iwan Palinski2 years ago
All About Liqueurs
Liqueurs, those sweet after-dinner drinks, are available in a remarkable range of flavors, including apricot, mint, peach, cherry, coffee, and orange. Proprietary brands, whose exact formulations are ...