You might just see bartenders as a means to getting your liquid courage, but there's plenty to learn about their culture, behavior and fascinating idiosyncrasies.

Nathaniel Corns2 months ago
10 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Bartender
For the past three years I've had a part time job as a bartender to get me through university. This summer I'm about to graduate, which means leaving the bar work behind me for a full time job. I want...
Boots Goodall4 months ago
6 Tips and Tricks; How to Get Hired in the Service/Alcohol Industry
Whether you're a uni student looking for some extra cash, something to put on your resume, in need of a short term job or really want to get into the service and alcohol industry, this is the article ...
Malcolm Hardy7 months ago
Tales from Groovy Spoons 5: 'Goodbye Groovy Spoons'
Hello, and here we are again. The time has come for me to leave Groovy Spoons, my circumstances have changed and I must return to my homeland. As this is my final story, I'm going to touch on the dark...
Paige Roden8 months ago
Struggles All Bartenders Will Understand
There are two well-known facts: British people like to drink, and British people have a tendency to be overly polite. ("Oh yes, sorry, can I just—sorry, do you mind if I just squeeze past? Sorry, yes ...
Ryan Witt10 months ago
10 Things No One Tells You About Being a Bartender
Here's the scene: It's Friday night, you've been putting in extra hours at the office, you're friend is in town for this night only, and you're going to tie one on! After the pregaming, the Uber, and ...
Rowan Marleya year ago
Bartending Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know
In any party, or in any club, there's one person that always seems to make people smile: the bartender. Bartenders are the kind, patient people who serve up amazing drinks, give you a good ear to list...
Bar Etiquette
Steer clear of these behaviors and you'll stay on the bartender's good side. You may even end up with a free drink or two.
Vicky Bonda year ago
Dear Bartenders
I have worked in a bar for two years, and I have been a waiter for four. So I’ve had my fair share of shit from customers over the years. Here’s some of the things I, and my colleagues have to deal wi...
Ryan Eppsa year ago
Basic Bartending Techniques That Are Easy to Learn
Whether it's making a popular shot or choosing the right amount of ice cubes, it's obvious to everyone that bartending isn't simple. Fortunately, we've made it right by simplifying the intricacies, th...
Sherry Campbella year ago
10 Ways to Spot a Bad Bartender
Maybe they're a rookie, or maybe they simply don't care about their job, no one wants to get the worst bartender in the club. And as some of the best ways to spot a bad bartender, these tricks will he...
Nancy Da year ago
Bar Tools
So you want to be bartender or maybe you are opening your own bar. Better yet, you want to build your own bar at home. Here is a complete list of the the essential bar tools.
Leanna Davisa year ago
Things Every Bartender Wished Customers Understood
From flirting rules to not being your therapist, your local bartender needs you to know these unspoken rules of the bar. As a way to make the night not only better for your bartender, but for your qua...
Nancy Da year ago
How to Become a Bartender
About six months ago I decided to become a bartender out of the blue. I was a server at time and made a decent amount of tips, even though I wasn’t really good at it yet. It was a seasonal job and I k...
Greg Bonda year ago
Secrets Every Bartender Knows and So Should You
Depending on what day, most bars are always crowded with drunk and loud individuals. Especially if it's a tight bar, things can get messy and unorganized. The weekdays are nothing compared to the week...
Josh Pogue2 years ago
What I've Learned Working at a University Campus Bar
Bartending on your university campus can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your university career. However, it can also be one of the most physically draining aspects as well. If there's any...
James Fangs2 years ago
How Hard Is It to Become a Bartender?
Believe it or not, there's a lot of work to do in order to actually become a certified bartender. Yes, this means attending bartending school to become an amazing bartender who studied in mixology and...
Skunk Uzeki2 years ago
Best Bartending Schools in the US to Enroll In
Being a bartender is one of the few jobs where you get to cash in on your personality and also show your knowledge of booze. In the case of a dive bar, you don't really need to know much about liquor ...
George Nekilan2 years ago
The Best Mixologists in the World
Bartenders are basically artists. Everything they do is a form of art. From mixing drinks to decorating each glass, bartending is a form of art and it's definitely not easy to master. That's why barte...