Malt, Hops and Fermentation made interesting; Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world and has been making the masses tipsy for over 5,000 years.

George Nekilan6 days ago
Breweries Known for High ABV Beers
There are so many of us beer lovers who can only enjoy beer with high ABV. If you're unaware of what ABV is, it basically stands for Alcohol By Volume and it's usually measured through percentages. It...
Greg Smith10 days ago
Beer Styles That Pack a Punch
American Barleywine typically ranges from 8–15% ABV; this style is characterized by fruity sweetness and deep complexity. They range in color from amber to very dark brown and are quite thick-bodied, ...
Nancy D14 days ago
Know Your Beer
So, you just got a job as a server or maybe even a bartender. Well, then this is the right article for you because it has the absolute most basic knowledge to help you get by without completely embarr...
Greg Bond23 days ago
The Weirdest Beer Names in the Craft Beer Industry
Breweries across the world create amazing craft beers that are loved by so many beer fans. Their distinct tastes and diversity among each other is one of the reasons why craft beer lovers enjoy drinki...
Stephen Cleary23 days ago
Amazing German Beer Gardens You Must Visit
You've never been to an authentic beer garden if you've never visited Germany. As the home to the best beer, Munich, the capital of Germany, was the original home to the first beer garden, or biergart...
Greg Bonda month ago
Best Breweries on the East Coast You Must Visit
There are tons and tons of breweries all across America. From the South to the East and West Coasts, there are breweries that serve their best craft beer and are known for it. So many people not only ...
Jennifer Violeta month ago
Thirst Quenching Drinks You Can Make With Beer
Whenever most of us head out to lunch, to the beach, to a football game, a concert, or any outing with our friends, we grab a pack of beer. Beer is among the best alcoholic beverages that comes in a w...
C.C. Curtis2 months ago
Best Mexican Beer to Drink Anywhere
Many of us can appreciate a great bottle or can of beer. Popping open that first bottle to many more and indulging in that crisp, chilled flavor is heaven. What’s even better is enjoy a couple of beer...
Greg Bond2 months ago
Lowest ABV Beers You Can Buy
A lot of us love beer, whether it's Heineken, Blue Moon, Budweiser, Coors Light, or any other type of beer, it's always our go-to for a great time. Sometimes, we go overboard and drink four,
Mark Turner2 months ago
Highest ABV Light Beers You Can Buy
Ever wonder what the best beer to get drunk on is, that won't alter all your hard work at the gym? This is a list of the highest ABV light beers that aren't typically known for a great taste, and rath...
Rachel Blanchard3 months ago
Best Podcasts for Beer Drinkers
There's something awesome about listening to a great podcast while drinking beer. Whether it's hearing other people getting wasted and talking about life, or just the fact that the podcasters give tip...
Jake Pine3 months ago
Best American Porters to Try This Winter
Porters are a delicious style of dark beer made from brown malt and, while there is no strict definition, they usually feature chocolate and coffee flavors, dark fruit, and roasted barely. With the ex...
Ossiana Tepfenhart3 months ago
Best Smoked Beers You've Never Heard Of
You've had smoked bacon. You've had smoked salmon. But smoked beer? Probably not. This is one of the newest beer trends hitting the craft beer world, and it's beer that has been created with malted ba...
Kelsey Lange4 months ago
Best American Wheat Beers
Comprised of 50 percent malted wheat, there are many different types of wheat beer. However, the decision for which wheat beer is best to your taste buds is left up to you. A tasting party is in your ...
Skunk Uzeki4 months ago
Tastiest Beer Cocktails that Might Surprise You
Beer cocktails were often something that were relegated to the "gross" side of bar menus — or to frat houses. However, times have changed and it's become a cocktail category that evolved into a pretty...
Mackenzie Watson4 months ago
The Expansion of Wilmington Craft Brew
October 8, Wilmington, NC—I am a wine lover. Time living in Italy and touring the Appalachian vineyards made me a proud, self-taught wine connoisseur. My counters are filled with bottles and my drawer...
Ryan Epps4 months ago
Delicious Recipes to Make with Beer
Whether you like one on a hot day, with a hotdog in the baseball park, or at the end of a long and stressful work week, a nice cold beer always does the trick — no matter how you're feeling, it makes ...
Skunk Uzeki5 months ago
Best Fall Beers
There's something to be said about having a beer in the middle of fall — right when the leaves change, the temperature is just right, and everything just seems to be in a nice state of balance. Beer j...