Your cocktail order reveals a lot about your personality, be it classic, adventurous, or boring; Be careful what you ask for.

Sasha Konikovo8 days ago
Just Add Vodka: The 10 Best Cocktail Mixers Money Can Buy
Back when I was really heavy in the New York City bar scene, I had a little bit of a problem. The problem wasn't my love of alcohol, per se, but rather, the type of alcohol I'd order. I wasn't a beer ...
Matthew Evans23 days ago
Gin and Tonic
Sometimes the winter seems so long, cold, and brutal that the only drinks that keep me warm are a glass of cabernet sauvignon or a double shot of Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka, with a single ice cube...
E.J. Hagadorna month ago
The Sourtoe Cocktail Club
What if I told you that there was a drink, served in a certain hotel bar, the secret ingredient of which was a dismembered human toe? In the heart of Dawson City, YT, Canada, is the Sourdough Saloon, ...
Hardest Cocktails to Make
Some cocktails are ridiculously simple to make. A Cuba Libre (rum and Coke) is so widespread in large part because of the ease of preparing it. While these simple cocktails have their place, the incre...
Sasha Konikovo3 months ago
10 Best Thanksgiving Cocktails to Try this Weekend
I remember the last time I had a Thanksgiving dinner go awry. My mom made the vital mistake of taking the frozen-solid turkey out Thanksgiving morning. It was clear that we weren't going to be able to...
Paul Barker4 months ago
10 Apple Cider Cocktails That Will Warm You Up This Fall
Tis the season for warm sweaters, pumpkin pie-eating, expressing thankfulness, and celebrating with family and friends. While hot apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes tend to be the most popular fall ...
Ada Zuba4 months ago
My Own Cocktails
If you are in university then you know you will be having a drink or two. However, you have a problem: you don't like the taste of most alcohol but you still want to fit in with your cool drink. So, I...
Nicola P. Young4 months ago
The History of the Cocktail
What is a cocktail? In order to best understand the history of the cocktail, it’s best to first understand what exactly a cocktail is. Is a martini a cocktail? What about a rum and coke? Modern usage ...
10 Easy Pumpkin Spice Cocktails You Need to Try This Fall
We all know it: when the leaves start changing color, it's time for pumpkin everything. Candles. Lattes. Pie. Now add cocktails to that list and happy hour just got a little more basic. Some people ca...
Riley Raul Reese5 months ago
The 11 Best Campari Cocktails That Are Easy to Make
Campari is one of the few old school apéritif liqueurs that managed to stay popular throughout the years. Old world as Campari is, this fruit and herb-infused liqueur has rightfully earned its place o...
Buddy Brown5 months ago
10 Iconic Movie Cocktails You Can Make at Home
Pop culture and drinks are inextricably linked, and that's been true for ages. To a point, it almost seems like Hollywood enjoys putting drinks in movies as a way to give people something to tie to th...
Morgan E. Westling6 months ago
10 Best Keto Cocktails You Will Love
If you’re trying out the keto diet, you’re probably aware that this means you have to carb count, because with ketogenic diets, it’s all about getting your net carbs as low as possible to achieve weig...
Nicola P. Young6 months ago
Best Coffee Flavored Cocktails
If there's two things I need to survive, they are coffee and liquor. Usually, those are separate things: morning coffee, evening cocktails. However, there is no hard and fast rule that says we can't e...
Breanna Proulx6 months ago
Piña Mojito
It's 2018. It's no secret that we live in an age where drinks bring people together. We meet up in bars, pubs, and house parties and these beverages somehow facilitate adult human socialization... the...
Auckland Martens6 months ago
8 Great Classic Cocktails
Planning a party? These eight drinks cover all five of the major liquors and all the classics with a couple new twists here and there. Here we go:
Mandy Mae7 months ago
Five Easy Cocktails to Try This Summer
In need of some delicious and easy cocktails to make this summer? Below is a list of some simple favorites.
Best Brandy Cocktail Recipes Everyone Should Know
I love brandy, and I think it's criminally underrated as a sipping spirit as well as an ingredient in cocktails. As the latter, one of brandy's biggest strengths is its surprising adaptability. Its en...
Charlotte Burgundy8 months ago
Simple Bourbon Cocktail Recipes Everyone Should Know
If you have gotten past the confusion between whiskey and bourbon (spoiler, all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon), and you understand that bourbon is always made in the U.S., stored ...