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To master alcohol takes skill: Learn how to do anything as well as a bartender, become a wine sommelier, a cocktail whiz or a beer buff.

Tricia Moceoa month ago
4 Tips to Staying Sober in the Workplace
Employment is a necessity for most people and can also be very challenging. For individuals in recovery, it can be difficult to maintain sobriety in the workplace. Most individuals spend the majority ...
CosCom Writers2 months ago
Practice How to Drink Water to Prevent a Hangover
You will have more chances to drink alcohol during the New Year's party and the year-end party season. Too many people may have experienced headaches or nausea after drinking too much. Hydration is on...
Morgan E. Westling2 months ago
How to Make a Watermelon Keg
Making a watermelon keg may seem like a rather peculiar thing to do; however, a watermelon keg can be used for a wide variety of refreshing summer vodka and gin cocktails, and it is a great addition t...
Alyssa Day3 months ago
How to Drink But Not Get Drunk
These tips will help to look decent at any party.
Alyssa Day3 months ago
Husband Prefers Strong Beer
3 simple tips for wives.
Tobias Gillot5 months ago
5 of the Best Alcohols for Cooking and How to Use Each One
We have all sought to impress on one occasion or another. Whether you are looking for something new on a date or run a restaurant and want to update your menu with a little flair that will grab the cu...
Melody Porter5 months ago
Here's the Skinny on Hangover Foods
On an innocent night out, you’re having fun, partying with friends, having a drink here and there. You’ve worked hard all week and you deserve this. What could possibly go wrong? The next morning, you...
Iggy Paulsen6 months ago
10 Cocktails You Can Make with Energy Drinks
Energy drinks and alcohol are a very controversial combination, with much of the worry focused on the alleged health problems that energy drinks can have. Some claim that it's a dangerous combo that c...
Skunk Uzeki7 months ago
How to Cook with Wine Like a Pro
My husband and I love to entertain guests at our apartment. It's actually become our hangout spot when we aren't at events. The thing is, my husband's circle isn't always the same as mine—and that mea...
Jeffrey Joseph8 months ago
Alcohol Detoxing
Have you ever done a detox? I mean any kind of detox. Maybe like a body detox by juicing or trying to give up caffeine? How do you usually feel while going through it? With anything that we are physic...
Alex Korr9 months ago
The Hangings Games: How to Cure a Hangover
The Hanging Games are now open! It is now just you and your final enemy, the hangover from the Alcohol District. Ladies and Gents, here are my top tips for you to the glorious victory! Let the games begin!
Lynne Shumaker9 months ago
Awesome Moonshine Recipes to Try
Making moonshine is an art. Dating back to thousands of years ago, moonshine originated in the Appalachian Mountains as a secret for commoners to avoid high taxes or outright bans on alcoholic drinks ...
Lynne Shumaker9 months ago
How to Make Limoncello at Home
It makes sense to learn how to make limoncello if you love the drink. It's not always easy to come by, so why not have it on hand? You have full control over the ingredients, not to mention the streng...
Iwan Palinski10 months ago
How to Shotgun a Beer Using Just Your Thumb
Let's be honest, it's always in your best interest to avoid going to wild parties and grabbing hold of any of the number of sharp objects laying around when somebody asks you, "Yo, you want to shotgun a beer?" Don't think that we don't get it, either. Traditionally, people use a sharp object to poke a hole in a beer to shotgun it. What good is that really though if you're camping in the wilderness or sneaking beers into a movie theater? If you like cool bar tricks, you need to learn how to shotg...
Iggy Paulsen10 months ago
How to Measure a Shot Without a Shot Glass
When I first started drinking, I bought a bartending book so I could learn how to mix drinks. It was very effective at teaching me great wine cocktails as well as a number of my favorite low-calorie v...
Lynne Shumakera year ago
Best Jell-O Shot Recipes
Whether you're channelling your inner college student or you actually are a college student, Jell-O shots can be a fun and surprisingly tasty addition to any party. While the traditional recipe calls ...
How to Make Delicious Punch That Everyone at Your Party Will Love
I love making cocktails for my friends, but things can get a little out of hand at birthday parties and other large gatherings. Between measuring and pouring ingredients, slicing limes and lemons, get...
How to Make Homemade Amaretto
Amaretto is a classic Italian dessert liqueur that tastes phenomenally good when mixed with coffee or just on its own. Its deliciously nutty-spicy taste makes it a favorite for chocolate pairings, not...