Alcohol is nothing without someone to drink it and the substance changes lives for many who partake; a glimpse into the impact of alcohol on humanity.

60 Days of Sobriety as Told Through My Journal
“So, why aren’t you drinking again?” As if we’ve discussed it before. We have not. I meet them with an, “Oh, just taking a break right now. Trying to be healthy. Whatever. It’s dumb. I’ll probably dri...
In Defence of Drinking Alone
Before we begin, a disclaimer: I am not a health blogger. I regularly eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, and I think Tortilla Chips with cheese on them is a completely acceptable meal to eat in...
Emily Christysona month ago
Getting Sober at 28
I never thought I would be an advocate for AA, for recovery, for sobriety. Let’s be honest—I never thought sobriety, recovery, or AA would be in my life—especially not at 28—but here we are. I entered...
Colorful Chaotica month ago
Warm Embrace
I never believed I would fall in love, or desire the presence of another, but I stand corrected. I wasn’t one to dance but that night we danced the night away, laughing and smiling. I didn’t like crow...
Ann King3 months ago
When You Can't Save Them from Themselves
If you or anyone close to you are dealing with an alcoholic then you most likely know what it means to hear "you can save them." No truer four words have ever been spoken. Those of us who deal daily w...
Ashley Peterson5 months ago
Drinking and Depressing
I think that for the most part I have a pretty healthy relationship with alcohol. I grew up in a home where drinking meant a beer or two or a glass of wine here and there. My parents gave me small sip...
Amanda Lin7 months ago
How Long Will My DUI Conviction Affect My Life?
The number of people who insist on driving after drinking is on the rise across the United States. Many drivers believe that they can get away with getting behind the wheel after a beer or two. Howeve...
Brian Anonymous7 months ago
What I Learned When I Started Drinking Less Alcohol Last Year
To start this off, I should let readers know that I don't really have anything against drinking alcohol and I have never had issues with substance abuse. I understand that there are many individuals o...
David Wyld7 months ago
God Bless America! Pizza and Beer Delivered to Your Door!
Some may mark this day early in the new year as the day that American society hit the tipping point to begin a long downward slog. They will see this day and the announcement that was made on it as ju...
Elizabeth Webb8 months ago
15 Steps to Get You Through Your Very First SOBER Christmas
Drink non-alcoholic drinks like an addict—also known as "Sugar Crushing". Juice, soda, more juice. Avoid most parties. Get comfortable with feeling lonely and weird at home in your sweatpants.
Force y...
Michelle Schultz9 months ago
A Drunk Mind Doesn't Speak a Sober Heart
I hate the phrase "a drunk mind speaks a sober heart." It's not true. When I am drunk, I have a completely different agenda than when I am sober. I can list about 800 things that I would never in a mi...
C.Ing IsBelieving10 months ago
Drunk Moms Aren't Cute
Oh how pop culture likes to glamorize moms who drink. It's all so fun and silly, right? And heck, moms work super hard! We deserve a little drink right? Yeah!!! Even Hoda and Kathy Lee have a healthy ...
Hunter Adkins10 months ago
How Do You Remember
How do I remember the first time I got drunk? As a Christian boy who was raised going to church, I was taught that drinking was evil. 15 was the first time I ever saw my parents drink; they worked in ...
Kailah 10 months ago
An Unusually Inspiring Story of How to Become a Brewmaster
There's a craft brewery not far from where I live. It's a pretty good one too. They've even won prestigious awards for a few of their brews. I'm gonna leave the brewery unnamed for now because, well, ...
Eric Huntera year ago
Sobriety Is Not Amnesty
When the Victim of Drunk Driving Is in Recovery
Keira Smizea year ago
Accident or Drugged?
A friend of mine recently had the scariest experience of her life. She started her evening at a casino with her husband and woke up several hours later, in a hospital, with no memory of what had happe...
Morganne Thayera year ago
Taking a U-Turn
First of all, I want to clarify that this piece is not about a struggle with alcohol or an addiction but rather my decision to take a long-term break from the sauce. As I sit here, sipping my morning ...
Jeffrey Josepha year ago
The Demon
It's almost 2 AM and I just came back from my latest hospital stay. I think this one only lasted three days. Or maybe it was four. It's kind of a blur. I remember or I wish I could remember the number...