Alcohol is nothing without someone to drink it and the substance changes lives for many who partake; a glimpse into the impact of alcohol on humanity.

Skunk Uzeki2 years ago
What Causes Hangovers?
If you've ever had a crazy night of drinking while in college, then you already know the horrors of waking up with a bad hangover. You also may know the shock of waking up next to your best friend in ...
KT P2 years ago
Street Urchins:
Papi lunged for the nape of Baby's neck. Thought he had, anyway. She moved fast. Lighting fast. A simile. Yes, he thought, I still have it. A bad simile, sure, since lightning is quick and unpredictab...
Aaliyah Williams2 years ago
How to Tip Your Bartender
If you’ve ever been desperate to know exactly how to tip your bartender in a restaurant, why you should tip them and even if you really have to, then stay tuned because this post is for you. Eating an...
Miranda O'Conner2 years ago
Weird Drinking Laws in Europe
I wrote an article awhile back on weird American drinking laws, and, while there are more than enough to fill a second list, it's time to look across the pond at Europe. Europe has a long, storied his...
Joseph Ferguson2 years ago
Rock Climbing, Booze, and Existential Ennui
After the Crux Originally appeared in Swift Kick No. 5/6 “Death and Transformation” 1987. Basement Man was the strangest fuck I ever met. I mean the guy looked like he just busted outa the pen, or wan...
Joseph Ferguson2 years ago
Drinking as Literature
Just joined and will likely be posting mostly book reviews and excerpts from my books. So here is a short story from my newest book. My bio and media links follow. My Favorite Christmas Tree Originall...