It's more than just fermented grape juice: Musings about the history of wine and a deep dive into reds, whites and regions that will make any wine lover drunk with happiness.

lilly pearl2 years ago
When Did Coffee Become Wine?
When did wine take over as the go to drink?
Annie Kiely2 years ago
Best New Jersey Wineries
When you think of vineyards, your first thoughts might be to think of California. Tastings might lead you to think of New York. And you wouldn't be wrong. It can be easy to forget how much quality win...
Gary Ayd2 years ago
Best Cheap Champagnes
Regardless of the occasion: weddings, bachelor party, bachelorette party, corporate event, birthday, anniversary or something else drink is almost always a part of the equation provided the party is a...
A M2 years ago
Best Wineries in New York
While New York wineries may not be the first place you think of when you picture a great glass of chardonnay, the Empire State boasts some of the country’s best vineyards. From the oldest operating wi...
Skunk Uzeki2 years ago
Easy Wine Hacks Every Party Planner Should Know
If there's one thing that Millennials love to enjoy at a party, it's wine. Whether it's boxed hipster wine, a jug of sangria, or a bottle of champagne, we're a generation that really, truly loves our ...
Annie Kiely2 years ago
Best California Wineries
If you're serious about wine drinking, you know that California is the heart of wine-making country, and home to some of the best quality grapes in the world. We've put together a list of some of the ...
Beginner's Guide to Wine Tasting
Historically, just about everyone drank wine. Wine was actually cleaner and safer than water throughout most of human history, since the alcohol helped kill a number of germs. Since people noticed win...
Annie Kiely2 years ago
Best Ways to Remove a Red Wine Stain
Red wine can be the perfect compliment to a meal or to any dinner party, and there are endless pairings that can make it more enjoyable. But if spilled, red wine can be very likely to leave a nasty st...
(Jumping On) the Natural Wine Bandwagon
As with anything that is new and exciting, and where people see money to be made; lots of more established producers are jumping on the natural and orange wine bandwagons. This as a whole is not a bad...
Yolanda Shoshana2 years ago
Say Hello To Verdejo
Wine cocktails can actually be a very sexy thing, once we take wine coolers out of the equation. When it comes to white wine in cocktails, most of the time the wine used is whatever is available. Next...
Grace Tyler2 years ago
Learning to Enjoy Wine
Wine takes on a delicate, sensual character the moment the bottle is uncorked, and if you have a sharp sense of taste and smell, it will help you become a good judge. In time, you will find out how ce...
Grace Tyler2 years ago
How to Throw a Great Wine Party
To most people, the thought of throwing a wine party is both terrifying and impossible; doing it well—or at all—is daunting at best. But armed with these few simple tips, anyone can successfully execu...