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The 5 Best Bars in Bristol

For a Classy Night Out

As a student, there are some places I wish I had discovered sooner, and so I compiled a list of different bars that are my favourite to visit. Underneath I have linked to the website of each bar mentioned in this article, so you can explore for yourself!

5) Turtle Bay

For cocktails and atmosphere, it has to be Turtle Bay. Located on Broad Quay, the loud and vibrant surroundings makes for a really good time. There is also quality food, which gives a vibe of holiday. The cocktails exclusively include rum, so avoid if this is not for you! There is also a very beautiful seating area for those ordering a meal. With pretty lights and a Caribbean themed design, Turtle Bay is photogenic enough for any night out, and makes you feel like you’ve been somewhere worth going.

4) The White Lion Bar

As part of a hotel, many don't realise that you are able to drink here. The views are stunning, looking over Avon Gorge, and Brunel's suspension bridge. These views are worth a visit on their own, if you fancy sightseeing in the daytime while it’s still light. There is an option for outside seating, which is wonderful in the summer. The bar is located by Prince's Lane. I recommend this highly as a touch of refinery in a suave environment, to really make your evening stand out.

3) Buttermilk and Maple

Serving all day brunch and with a cosy environment, Buttermilk and Maple is the perfect place for a sophisticated drink. The food is stunning, and everything is very affordable (especially during happy hour!). Buttermilk and Maple is located on Bristol's historic harbour on Welshback. Aside from the merits of this bar itself, its location makes it the perfect place to go, especially if you enjoy the slightly nautical scene. The sleek design outside and in makes this a very inviting place to visit and spend some time.

2) The Milk Thistle

This is a prime location for unique visuals, optimum personality, and quirky interior design. The building is very historic and full of character, with opening hours stretching to 3am, and the opportunity to host private functions, this bar is one of the best. Although not as affordable as some of the others on this list, The Milk Thistle is certainly worth a visit. You can find it on Colston Avenue. The variety of seating options also makes this a great place however many people you take with you. This makes it a good location for any occasion, so if you are in doubt, this is the place to be!

1) Smoke and Mirrors

This wildly individualistic bar can be found on Denmark Street. Every Monday they host comedy nights, which adds an extra dimension to your evening out. They serve a great variety of drinks, from beers to wines, so there's something for the whole group. This is number one on my list purely for it's variety and individually. There's so much space inside and you won't be disappointed by the furnishing.

Honourable Mention

I would also like to give an honourable mention to Revolution. Although it didn't quite make this list, its combination of funky lighting and original design makes it worth a try. Those looking for something cheap should note that on Monday's this bar charges 50% of the usual prices for many things on their menu. With fantastic opportunities like this, it felt wrong to cut it off the list entirely!

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The 5 Best Bars in Bristol
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