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The Definitive Guide to the Best Beer Gardens In the World

As a growing industry, beer gardens offer experiences that bring together food, beer, friends and bands.

Beer gardens are booming thanks to the uptick in craft beer companies growing throughout the world. They're gaining popularity in major cities like Milan, St. Petersburg, New York City, and even Beijing - and going to the right beer garden may mean rubbing elbows with celebrities, sommeliers, and chefs alike. 

Of course, there are beer gardens and there are beer gardens. If you want to truly experience all that a great beer garden has to offer, then you need to try out these incredible venues. 

The Rathskeller - Indianapolis, IN

This sprawling beer garden is a Midwestern gem known for its amazing selection of beer, its awesome outdoor stage, and the many, many live bands that play in its outdoor section. Inside, charming taxidermy and wooden accents give it a surprisingly rustic, old school vibe that makes you feel at home. 

There's something about this place that just draws people to it again and again. The Rathskeller also has regularly made news for its quality, including a ranking as the best beer garden in America by Thrillist

Hirschgarten- Munich, Germany

How could we possibly have a list of the best beer gardens in the world without talking about one of the most historic ones still in bustiness? Hischgarten is one of the first German beer gardens to have ever been created, and it seats over 8,000 people during its Oktoberfest celebration. 

Fans of beer that's served straight from the cask need to check out this venue, since it's known for serving Augustine beer straight from the cask. Also of note is this venue's dinners, which are designed with beer tastings in mind. 

Airbrau - Munich, Gemany

This is one of the only breweries you'll ever see that's actually built inside an airport! Though this "garden" is totally indoors, what makes this beer garden so worth it is the house brewery that's attached to it. 

Visitors get to try a nice selection of beers that you can't find anywhere else here - including favorites like FliegerQuell, Aviator, and Jetstream. Every May, they also release a special seasonal Mayday brew that we hear is absolutely delicious. 

Brouwerij 't IJ - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Despite the nearly impossible to pronounce name, Brouwerij 't IJ is the talk of the town in Amsterdam. This beer garden is known for its hip, sleek ambiance as well as its in-house brewery that runs short tours regularly. 

Fans of great beer will love this Netherlands location, especially when they find out that the beer served in the garden is brewed in-house and is made entirely from organic ingredients. We're not saying beer is healthy, but this seems like a beer that might be healthier than most. 

Takao Beer Mount - Hachioji, Japan

If you love Japanese beer and want to try some of the best beers in the Tokyo, then going to the Takao Beer Mount is one of the smartest things you can do. This extremely elegant beer garden is situated on top of a mountain that overlooks Tokyo, and is known for its top notch restaurant. 

However, there is something worth noting about this venue - it's only open on occasion. That being said, it's worth keeping an eye open for the next opening. (Typically, it's seasonal and summer-only, but it changes on occasion.) 

Caru Cu Bere - Bucharest, Romania

Cara Cu Bere is a Romanian beer garden that is known for having a huge selection of beers brewed throughout Germany, Austria, Hungary, and large swaths of Eastern Europe. Beer fans will love the selection and the massive size of glasses here, while foodies will likely get a kick out of the mouthwatering Romanian cuisine. 

It's also worth noting that Caru Cu Bere regularly has live entertainment and traditional Romanian dances. If you're looking for a very lively yet educational trip, this is definitely worth a shot. 

Steins - Richmond, England

England loves a good pint too, you know! Steins boasts a very nice selection of Bavarian beers, German wines, and a full menu of authentic Bavarian cuisine. Adding to the authentic vibe of the venue is the fact that the menu is written in both German and English - and the fact that beers have the option of being served in absolutely massive steins. 

Beer aside, Steins has earned a reputation for being one of the most visually appealing beer gardens in the country. Between the cozy, warm wooden facade and the gorgeous river views, it's hard not to fall in love with this place. 

KIEZ Biergarten Parisien - Paris, France

Gritty, rustic and decidedly French, KIEZ is the kind of beer garden that you expect to see in a movie about foreign spies and political intrigue. Though it has a gritty vibe, make no mistake about it, KIEZ is still a highly regarded, upscale establishment. 

If you're a fan of German beer with a side of elegant German cuisine, this beer garden will quickly find a way into your heart. Beers change regularly, so you will often have to read the chalkboard in order to see what's new on tap.  

The cocktail menu also has a series of awesome drinks that feature German beers as a main ingredient. You have to admit it - you're curious. 

Kasi Beer Garden - Soweto, South Africa

The Kasi Beer Garden has become somewhat historic thanks to the fact that it's technically part of the Ubuntu Kraal Brewery - the first microbrewery in all of South Africa. Beers brewed on site include a signature Soweto Gold lager, ciders, and a number of seasonal selections that change on a regular basis. 

Along with amazing brews, the Kasi Beer Garden also has a full menu of contemporary South African cuisine. We hear that the chicken wings with peri peri can't be beat. 

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The Definitive Guide to the Best Beer Gardens In the World
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