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The Hangings Games: How to Cure a Hangover

The Hanging Games are now open! It is now just you and your final enemy, the hangover from the Alcohol District. Ladies and Gents, here are my top tips for you to the glorious victory! Let the games begin!

Tip 1) Ring in sick!

Feeling sick? Head is spinning and exploding? Struggling to understand what planet you are on? Ended up in another part of the country? And to add this all up , you have work in about an hour? As surprising as it sounds, we have all been there, done that and got the T-shirt. If you have to go to work in the morning, you are much better of ringing in sick. If you do fancy a risk, I just want shake your hand and wish you good luck! Turning up drunk to work, may literally close the door to your career, so you may want to refrain.

Tip 2) Get out of your nights-out outfit and put on the comfiest clothes!

Yes, my dears! Make yourself comfortable! This is officially your spa day. Make the most of it! Get some pjs, joggers, whatever you want to name it and get yourself comfortable! Wrap yourself up and put in a good old favorite on!

Tip 3) Take a painkiller!

Painkiller to the rescue ladies and gents! Get that aspirin and paracetamol out! If you are very sick and struggling to keep your food and fluids down, I strongly suggest drinking little by little bit. We need these painkillers to stay!

Remember if you are throwing up, you may want to avoid taking ibuprofen as this is the medication you need to take with your meal in order for it to work.

Tip 4) Eat food!

There you are my food lover here are some things you can eat to help your poor tummy. Here is the list of foods that will be your best friends during this hard time:

  • Eggs. They are amazing when it comes to a hangover. Eggs have cysteine which is a wonderful amino acid, that fights the toxin that caused the hangover in the first place.
  • Toast. Toast is amazing for bringing up your blood sugar levels up as well as settle your upset tummy during this difficult for you time.
  • Tomatoes. They are your best friends that help to reanimate your energy levels.
  • Soup. Soups are exactly what you want after a wild night out. It is very easy to eat and contains water that will certainly help you fight dehydration.
  • Ice Cream. Ice cream is just another way to hydrate your body and definitely more delicious!
  • Honey and Fruit Juice. Both of these foods contains a huge amount of fructose, which helps getting alcohol out of your system. Again helps you restore your energy levels and keep you hydrated. So if you really are struggling to keep the fluid down, you may want to consider drinking some juice sip by sip.
  • Pot Noodles. Pot noodles is your one way ticket out this hanging game! This amazing pot will help you restore all that energy and nutritional value you have given away on your night out.

Tip 5) Drink! Drink! Drink!

Drink! Drink! Drink that water! I bet we wish we said that last night, eh?! Well this morning we shall stick to non-alcoholic drinks. Medics often suggest Lucozade or Fanta, that helps you stay hydrated and restore your energy levels. However, Ladies and Gents, you can never go wrong with water. In fact it is water that is being used, when patients had a shockingly excessive amount of alcohol and they have to be put on the drip.

I am sure we all heard of "Hair of a Dog," in other words drinking more alcohol. Please refrain from that as you putting your body at risk by intoxicating it even further. It may feel like you are cured and back into the good old times but please be sure your organs may not be thankful at a later date.

Tip 6) Take a shower.

Shower is just another relaxing way to hydrating your body from both out and inside and if you did get absolutely plastered and was very sick, you wanna get rid of that smell and return that fresh feeling.

Tip 7) Rest.

Last but not least: Take plenty of rest! We have all had a hangover at some point of life so of course get plenty of rest, make it a me-day! Get well and ready to Rock and Roll!

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The Hangings Games: How to Cure a Hangover
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