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The Tipple Tattle: Bonneville Brewery

Discovering Craft Brews

About 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City, nestled in the small town of Tooele is a great craft brewery called Bonneville Brewery. Now, Utah isn't traditionally known for their alcohol but with a new generation of brewers on the rise, Utah is quickly becoming fertile ground for the growing industry. Bonneville is what I would describe as the perfect brewpub with a great balance between innovative brews and delicious eats. 

With a focus on lagers and ales, they try to think globally while acting locally, by trying to source as many ingredients as possible regionally including their main ingredient, malt, which comes from Idaho. I love their beer selection! With a mix of core and seasonal beers, there are options for every occasion and to pair with every meal. During our visit, our table ordered the Pilot Peak Pilsner, the Peaches & Cream Wheat Ale, and the Silver Island Hefeweizen. I wish we had visited during the summer because their Sun Twist Summer Ale sounds wonderfully refreshing with notes of lemon and ginger. 

The restaurant is open to all ages and is decorated in warm, earthy tones and Tuscan yellow with lots of natural light pouring in from the numerous windows. My family is full of meat eaters so we were very happy with the variety of burgers, steaks, pizzas, sandwiches, and more. Think of bar food that has been super elevated. While the food is delicious and they offer an array of options... their are only a few choices for vegetarians or those on gluten free diets and I'm pretty sure there is nothing suitable for vegans (though I'm not sure how much demand there is for such things in Tooele). However, the staff is great and will do everything they can to get you a perfect meal.  

But there is even more to Bonneville than a brewpub and that is Pins & Ales! With two locations, one in Tooele and another in Draper, Pins & Ales combines food, bowling, a nightclub, and amazing craft beer in a fun, unique way. Everything happens here! You can watch the game with your friends, bowl, dance to the live DJ, or even host your own party or event. With an adorable outdoor patio and a huge indoor space, your event could be for a few friends to a few hundred people. 

The food at P&A looks wonderful and has great single meals as well as shared plated. It also offers more gluten free options including tacos, starters, and desserts. 

The drive is definitely worth it so next time you are in the area, drop in and say hi to Bonneville Brewery! 

Bonneville Brewery & Pub

1641 North Main Street

Tooele, UT 84074

Pins & Ales 


12101 South State Street

Draper, UT 84020


1111 North 200 West

Tooele, UT 84074

Check them out at



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The Tipple Tattle: Bonneville Brewery
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