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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Champagne Glasses and Toasting Flutes

In order to drink champagne with class, you have to understand the world of champagne glasses and toasting flutes. Your decision all depends on your drink of choice, the scenario, and simply your preferences. So what will it be, a tulip or a coupe?

So you're wondering: Which champagne glass is right for me? While it can be somewhat overwhelming at first, the world of champagne flutes is not as confusing as you might think. To make things simple, we have broken down the styles into six sections: flutes, tulips, coupes, stemless, trumpets, and white wine toasting flutes. 

Depending on the type of champagne you will be serving, the taste you are looking to achieve, and the scenario for your serving champagne, this will allow you choose the best shape of glassware to provide to your guests. Using the right glass can accentuate the most expensive champagnes or bring out the best in cheap champagnes. Next time you throw a celebration, whether it be an anniversary party, a wedding, or a get-together, you'll know exactly which glassware to bring out.

Buckle up; this is the ultimate guide to buying champagne glasses and toasting flutes.

Champagne Flutes

The first type of champagne glassware we will cover is champagne flutes, the classic and most commonly used glass for champagne serving. Elegant with their long stems and simple yet thin bowls, champagne flutes are the most recognizable style of champagne glasses and toasting flutes. 

Easily held by the stem, the flute provides plenty of room for champagne to be held, providing a good serving size. The most important part of the champagne flute is the stem. This is because it allows the champagne to be untouched by your hand, placing your hand and fingers away from the bowl. This will prevent your drink from warming. 

This is also seen in glassware meant for white wine. The narrow bowl allows the bubbles to be held confidently for an extended time. This is because the narrow mouth does not expose the champagne to the air, slowing down the carbonation. 

Elegance Champagne Flutes by Waterford

The first product we will suggest among the best champagne glasses and toasting flutes is by Waterford. A set of two elegant champagne flutes, this glassware features a simple and sleek shape. 

A perfect example of a classic champagne flute, these glasses are designed to enhance the taste of your champagne or sparkling wine, trapping the bubbles in the bowl, and avoiding heat contact from the hand. Modern and timeless, these flutes are lightweight and functional for any special occasion. We'll raise a glass to that. 

Elegant Harper Stemware from Marquis by Waterford

With a bit more of an intricate design, the Elegant Harper Stemware from Marquis by Waterford is a great option for a special occasion, such as a wedding. 

Not your typical champagne flute, the sophisticated and elegant style will be the center of attention on any table. Crafted in Waterford crystal, the design is created to enhance the presentation and taste of your finest champagnes. Also great for red, white, and sparkling wine, and perfect for champagne cocktails at an event, this flute is universal for all of your desired drinks throughout the night. Enhancing the taste, temperature, and overall presentation, you can't go wrong with a champagne flute like this. 

Champagne Tulips

The next style of champagne glasses and toasting flutes are tulips. Tulips look similar to flutes, but the key difference lies in the rim shape. The rim is more narrow compared to the center of the bowl, providing a unique shape to the glass. So what is appealing about this slight change in shape? 

Well, the narrow rim allows the aromas of the drink to be magnified, directing it towards the nose. Due to the inward-bent rim, you can enjoy the drink's aroma and taste simultaneously. The tulip shape provides a better taste, flavor, and overall toasting experience. However, there are also a lot of similarities to the flute. With the same narrow stem, the champagne will remain untouched by the heat of your hand. 

There are also two sizes of champagne tulips, regular and wide. Self-explanatory, wide tulips are slightly larger in size, thus holding a bigger serving size. 

Champagne Tulip Flutes by Triangle

A great suggestion for a tulip champagne glass is this simple set of glassware by Triangle. Advertised as the perfect wedding gift that will be loved by both the bride and groom, these glasses are durable yet lightweight. As a regularly sized tulip, these glasses have a narrow, yet subtle, tapering which will trap excess bubbles on the initial pour. 

These glasses are also great for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, or just an everyday drink. Featuring a thin rim and extra clear glass, the simple design is shaped to provide a naturally strong aroma and genuine taste. 

Vinum Extreme Champagne Glass (Wide) by Riedel

As a great example of a wide champagne glass, the Vinum Extreme Champagne Glass provides a wide bowl and a narrow rim. To receive the best aroma and taste with a glass like this, fill the bowl halfway, or to the to the widest point, depending on your desire for a larger serving size. 

As one of the most classic champagne glasses and toasting flutes, this wide tulip might not look like the flower, but it prevents your hand's heat from affecting the champagne. Plus, it features a tapered rim for easy swirling. Dishwasher safe and durable, you can pass these glasses along effortlessly at a house party. 

Champagne Coupes/Saucers

Champagne coupes, otherwise known as champagne saucers, are a traditional approach to a champagne glass. Often referred to as "old school," this shape of glassware is associated with last century. 

A style unlike any other, the coupe has a wide bowl, sitting atop a shorter stem. Often found at wedding receptions or cocktail parties because they're so sophisticated and traditional, the coupe allows you to view each bubble bounce around the glass. The best drinks to serve in coupes are typically dry, because the bowl is rather shallow and broad, featuring a rim design that will speed up the oxidation process. 

Barcraft Coupe Cocktail by Luminarc

A classic version of the coupe cocktail glass is by Luminarc. Coming in a four glass set, the glass featured here is the epitome of a traditional coupe. As one of the most authentic champagne glasses and toasting flutes, Luminarc is the oldest brand sold by Arc International, a French household manufacturing company, first being launched in 1948. 

Also perfect for a stirred cocktail, this coupe set is versatile. It is difficult to find a quality set of this style, and at an affordable price, Luminarc breaks boundaries for champagne lovers. 

Lismore Saucer Champagne Glasses by Waterford

Much like our more intricate champagne flute option, the Lismore Saucer Champagne Glasses by Waterford provide a fancier version of the coupe style. A bit on the pricey side, this set of two champagne glasses embodies the classic shape of a saucer style glass. 

Featuring a broad rim and shallow depth, Waterford references the first coupe glass as inspiration for their product. Created to prevent chorus girls from getting the hiccups, the 19th century birthed the coupe style glass. Though clearly they were not serving champagne at the time, the style adapted to what it is today. 

Stemless Champagne Glasses

The stemless style of champagne glasses and toasting flutes is one of the most unique options in our guide. Allowing the name to speak for itself, stemless champagne glasses do not have a stem, which eliminates the fear of tipping over your glass. 

You should know the downside to this style by now: holding the glass by the bowl will quicken the speed of your champagne warming. Plus, you'll get some unwanted finger marks. 

But other than this, it's just like any other champagne flute. The fun part about stemless champagne glasses is that they do not have a universal shape. Ranging from the basic bowl of a champagne flute to something a little more unique and curvy, we provided some examples below. 

Stemless Champagne Flutes by Olivia and Oliver

A classic but contemporary glass by Olivia and Oliver, the stemless flute is a great alternative to the sophisticated style of a stemmed glass. Creating somewhat of a relaxed appearance, you can toast champagne at your housewarming party with these. 

Created with fine European crystal, the glasses will add an elegancy to any get-together, while still providing the convenience to grasp the glass with your hand. 

Champagne Flutes by Godinger Finley

A much different approach to the stemless style of champagne glasses and toasting flutes is something a little more like this. 

This design is still a great glassware option for champagne; it has all the elements of a classic flute, while providing a modern twist, allowing you to grasp the glass with your hand, just below the bowl. 

Shaped like an average flute, just minus the thin stem, Goldinger Finley's stemware collection features bold shapes, with a sophisticated twist. Perfect for any occasion, your guests will all wonder where you purchased this glassware set. 

Champagne Trumpets

Champagne trumpets provide a much narrower bowl, sitting atop a medium to long stem. A particularly wide-mouthed glass, the rim tends to flare out while the body of the bowl is long and slim. 

Similar to flutes, trumpet flutes feature a narrow bowl in order to capture the taste of the champagne, and avoid quick decarbonation. Trumpets also provide a roughened point near the bottom of the bowl. This will allow the bubbles to congregate and increase their lifespan. 

Elegance Champagne Trumpet Flutes by Waterford

As an elegant wedding gift, these are the perfect example of a champagne trumpet flute. Another great set of flutes by Waterford, each glass is made with a modern twist, while still remaining authentic to the style. 

The flutes are handmade and produce a contemporary shape and design. As one of the best champagne glasses and toasting flutes, Waterford is known for their simple, yet beautiful designs. Raise a toast effortlessly with this set of glassware. 

Reserve Trumpet Flute by Godinger Dublin

When we look at these trumpet flutes, we think luxury. As an incredible set of champagne flutes that screams extravagance, these glasses are perfect for a wedding reception. 

Elegant, yet classy, we suggest these trumpet flutes for their sophisticated design. Created with full-lead crystal, the flared stems and intricate design will make the glassware stand out on any table. 

White Wine Toasting Flutes

The final style of champagne glasses and toasting flutes are white wine toasting flutes. Because champagne is a variety of white wine, this category may seem very similar to the classic champagne flute style. 

However, this style is different, simply because the glasses are made specifically for serving white wine. With a broader body, the white wine toasting flutes are meant specifically for serving old champagnes. A secret relevant for all champagnes, the older the champagne, the wider the glass you should serve it in. 

Timeless Gold Signature Wine Toasting Flute by Lenox

The perfect glass to toast some wine, this signature glass is perfect for celebrating any occasion. If you are looking to serve wine, sparkling wine, champagne, or all of the above, this glass is a great universal choice. 

The slight bling that is added to the top of the rim adds character, featuring a shimmering crystal topped gold rim. As a great collection to complete any celebration, make this the center of every toast you make this year. 

Vinum Cuvee Prestige Wine Glass by Riedel

To conclude our ultimate guide to buying champagne glasses and toasting flutes, our last suggestion is a simple one. Made by Riedel Vinum, among each of their styles, this one speaks to us the most. 

Universal for both wine and champagne serving, making a toast with this sturdy yet lightweight flute is simple. This glass set is designed specifically for sparkling wines, so you'll know exactly what to grab when you're in the mood for a glass of Prosecco. 

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