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The Weirdest Beer Names in the Craft Beer Industry

All breweries create great-tasting craft beers, but have you seen a few of their beer names? Check out a couple of the weirdest beer names that will either make you laugh or completely cringe.

Breweries across the world create amazing craft beers that are loved by so many beer fans. Their distinct tastes and diversity among each other is one of the reasons why craft beer lovers enjoy drinking them. And if you're a true craft beer fan, it's no surprise that people like you take a trip to a nearby brewery on the weekends and enjoy right from the taproom. This way you're tasting authentic craft beer straight from the tap. As much as we love the craft beer these breweries whip up, their names are certainly eye-catching.

They name their craft beers personally, but then there are craft beer names that are totally weird. Some of these breweries either genuinely didn't care what they named their beer or they intended on giving their craft beer the oddest names possibly to get a great reaction from drinkers. Either way, these craft beer names are seriously bizarre, but they still taste amazing on the palate! Check out a few of our favorite weirdest beer names to give you a good chuckle.

Arrogant Bastard Ale by Stone Brewing Co.

The Arrogant Bastard Ale is "quite refined, unlike you." Located in Escondido, California, Stone Brewing Co. created a great-tasting craft beer and proudly named it Arrogant Bastard Ale. You can get this craft beer all year round, and it has a 7.20 percent ABV.

The bottle appears equal parts of red, gold, and brown with some copper tints in it. While the aroma of this craft beer comes off like caramel and malt, on the palate, it has a distinct taste and that's what everyone who’s a fan of this focuses on. The bitter hops peak through the malt and deny any sweetness. Even though it's an "arrogant" beer, it gives off a generous amount of flavor.

MILF by Mother's Brewing Company

Among the weirdest beer names you can possibly find, MILF brewed by Mother's Brewing Company is certainly a hilarious name. Even though it's not a year-round craft beer, it's under Mother's Others and you can still find a way to order the delicious craft beer. And I highly suggest you order this beer, because it features an exquisite taste.

Speaking of taste, the MILF gives off the sweet tastes of roasted malt, chocolate, and raisin. The aroma comes from the 11 months in bourbon, rye, brandy, and rum barrels. It's basically a rich dark chocolate with barrel tannin, spirit alcohol, sugar cane, and nougat.

Barrique O'karma by Feral Brewing Company

A seasonal craft beer that's available part of the year, Feral Brewing Company created a really unique beer. Can you guess what Barrique O'karma rhymes with? Yes, it rhymes with none other than our 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama! Truly a brilliant, but faintly, odd name to give a craft beer.

Anyways, the Barrique O'karma is a version of their Black IPA Karma Citra, yet this one undergoes fermentation in new French oak wine barriques—I now can see how they named it. Super similar to BFH (another one of their beers), Barrique possesses a much softer mouth feel with a delectable sweet vanilla aroma.

Belligerent Ass Nut Brown Ale by Portneuf Valley Brewing

Okay, for this craft beer, I couldn't hold down my laughter, because it's definitely one of the weirdest beer names I've ever seen. Bravo to Portneuf Valley Brewing for creating a craft beer with a hilarious name like Belligerent Ass Nut Brown Ale. This craft beer is not only year-round, but it's so many craft beer lovers' favorite from this brewery.

The Belligerent Ass Nut Brown Ale is a blend of six different types of malted barley and contains two varieties of hops. With those in the mixture, it makes this nut brown craft beer one of the richest and most delectable from all of their beers.

Blind Pig IPA by Russian River Brewing Company

The Blind Pig IPA is definitely a classic craft beer, but it's also among the weirdest beer names ever. Brewed by Russian River Brewing Company, this craft beer has a special place in most craft beer lovers' hearts. And it's no surprise by how delicious it tastes on the palate.

This year-round craft beer features flavors that consists of full bodied citrus, pine, and fruity notes with a nice dry, bitter finish! You can order yourself a Blind Pig anytime of the year and enjoy its fruity, bitter taste. The Blind Pig is also among the best IPA beer brands to try out.

Vergina Beer by Macedonian Thrace Brewery

Oh, the Vergina Beer brewed by Macedonian Thrace Brewery. How uncomfortable your name may seem to so many people, yet make others chuckle when ordering one. The Greeks seem to love this craft beer, as it's an all year-round beer that can be enjoyed whenever. But are we going to ignore the fact that "Vergina" reminds us of vagina?

On the other hand, Vergina is an authentic premium lager beer that’s specifically brewed for European lagers which follows the classic fermentation method. Aside from the name, it’s an awesome-tasting craft beer that consists of blond malt, hops, yeast, and water. It’s really light and easy to drink because of how smooth and refreshing the flavor is.

Yellow Snow Pilsner by Rogue Ales

I'm not going to lie, the Yellow Snow Pilsner certainly doesn't sound appetizing, but it's in fact a great canned craft beer among many drinks. Of the weirdest beer names you can find, the Yellow Snow Pilsner by Rogue Ales is only available on November through December, which makes sense according to the name. 

While you have a couple of months left to order this craft beer, this winter-inspired classic drink is clean and refreshing on the palate with a hint of spruce that will always remind you of the cool, crisp air of winter. Make sure you mark its release date on your calendar! This is also one of the must try craft beers for the fall if you're looking to order it in November.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher by Evil Genius Beer Company

The Purple Monkey Dishwasher is actually a year-round craft beer, but the name is throwing me off. Among the most unusual and weirdest beer names, Evil Genius Beer Company whipped up a strong robust beer that's made with chocolate and peanut butter. If you're a sucker for sweet-tasting craft beers, I think I've found your new addiction.

The Purple Monkey Dishwasher consists of chocolate, sweet malts, caramel, and molasses. Taking it to the next level, they infused that mixture with natural chocolate and peanut butter! It's like a candy bar in a bottle, but the name certainly isn't fitting. However, the delicious taste makes up for it!

Citra Ass Down by Against The Grain Brewery

As part of their wide collection, Against The Grain Brewery created an awesome tasting craft beer with one of the weirdest beer names ever. But I have to admit, this one is hilarious—Citra Ass Down. "Citra ass down and crush this beer!" This craft beer is a hop forward American style IPA and it's pleasing on the palate.

It’s brewed with pale, Vienna, Munich, and wheat malt for a solid base. The citra hops have a very distinct citrusy and tropical fruit flavor as well as aroma. However, it's no doubt that this craft beer is delicious if you're into the fruit taste and scent!

Sheep Shagger by Tyranena Brewery

Oh, God... Sheep Shagger. Last among the weirdest beer names, I believe this one takes the cake. But after reading the website's description of this craft beer's name origin, I'm relieved that it doesn't mean what I thought it did. Long story short, the shepherds were shagging sheep for shearing—meaning retrieving the sheep.

Anyways, it's truly a unique craft beer in both story and taste. It’s rich, malty, and full-bodied. It’s brewed with special roasted malts for that complex blend of caramel and toffee flavors. It's a year-round craft beer, so you can order it whenever. And remember, shagging means retrieving.

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The Weirdest Beer Names in the Craft Beer Industry
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