Tips for Buying Premixed Cocktails

Are you tired of making your own drinks? Do you have a large party coming up? Use these helpful tips for buying premixed cocktails.

Premixed cocktails come in handy when you're having a large get-together or just want to unwind because the drink is already made; you just need to pour it in a glass and sometimes can add a garnish or ice. Even though the drink already contains alcohol, it can be difficult deciding how to buy the best premixed cocktails

The next time you go to a liquor store you will be more prepared with these tips for buying premixed cocktails. If you are feeling lazy and don't want to act as a bartender then you might as well make these drinks worth your while. Whether you are aware or not, there are certain tips that can significantly help you when searching for tasty and refreshing premixed drinks. 

Check the label about alcohol content.

Before buying premixed cocktails, make sure to see the alcohol content in the drink. You can end up disappointed if you buy a premixed drink only to find out it has no alcohol in it. On the other hand, you will be shocked if you buy cocktails that will make you drunk fast. When a mix does not contain alcohol, the bottle will usually have a label on it specifying that you need to still add liquor to the drink. 

Avoid choosing creamy mixes.

A good tip for buying premixed cocktails is to avoid picking a creamy mix. The consistency of these drinks can end up being disgusting and will be a nightmare for you and your guests. If the premixed cocktails have an ice cream consistency stay far away. It's smarter to pick premixed cocktails that have a liquid consistency but not creamy. 

Don't get fooled by margaritas in a can.

Margaritas in a can may sound like a great idea at the time but more times than not they are not actually margaritas. They usually contain a lot of artificial sweeteners and not tequila. The cocktails are often very sweet and can be nice on a hot day but don't get fooled that they are margaritas since they have none or barely any ingredients that are necessary for a margarita. To not be swayed by margaritas in you can you should look for the best ready to drink margaritas. These drinks are actually margaritas and will make you and your guests happy and relaxed. 

Pick reliable and trustworthy brands.

This tip for buying premixed cocktails may seem like common sense but it is best to choose brands that you are familiar with and that you know produce signature cocktails. When purchasing premixed drinks it is not the right time to experiment and choose a brand that you have never tasted before. You most likely will end up disappointed and regret not buying a more expensive brand that you know is reliable. 

Don't be stingy about prices.

When buying premixed cocktails, it is good to be wary of prices. Often better alcohol brands are expensive but it will be pay off because you and your guests will enjoy the drink more. I'm not suggesting you spend hundreds of dollars, but you should buy premixed cocktails that are moderately priced because it means they have better quality. 

Try and stay away from cocktails packaged in buckets.

While buying premixed cocktails I strongly advise you to stay away from cocktails that are sold in large buckets. The packaging of the drink usually means it is not one of the best premixed cocktails. Drinks sold in large buckets often imply they are cheap and not great quality. The cocktails commonly have a slushy mixture and look more like an ice than a cocktail. You and your guests will not be impressed by this drinks. It sends the message that you don't care what you drink. 

Avoid cocktails with artificial ingredients.

A smart tip when buying premixed cocktails is it to avoid mixes that contain artificial ingredients. Cocktail brands use artificial ingredients to make their drink look more appealing but they usually taste extremely sweet and are actually toxic. Don't get fooled by the attractive color of the drinks. These cocktails are not healthy because of the artificial ingredients and end up tasting awful. 

Remember to check the expiration date of the cocktail.

When you are buying premixed cocktails it is extremely important to check the expiration date of the mix. You and your guests can end up getting very ill if you buy an expired premixed cocktail. Usually, the expiration date is written in clear writing on the packaging. However, if you can't find it, ask someone at the liquor store about the expiration date. This is an easy thing to do and will be very beneficial to avoid getting sick. 

Set a budget for yourself.

It is not advised to buy very cheap premixed drinks, but you should have a budget in mind before going to the liquor store. If you don't set a budget for yourself, you can easily overbuy and spend much more money than you intended to. You should be wise about how many premixed cocktails you buy and which specific brands you purchase. 

Try and buy cocktails that have the least amount of calories.

When you are buying premixed cocktails, it is helpful to avoid drinks that have excess amounts of calories. You can still enjoy yourself and be healthy with low-calorie cocktails. There are several alcohol brands that have skinny cocktails, which are drinks low in calories that allow people to stay health-conscious and still have a good time and relax. I advise you to purchase the best ready to drink skinny cocktails so you can unwind and not feel guilty. 

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Tips for Buying Premixed Cocktails