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Ultimate Guide to Wine Education Courses

This ultimate guide to wine education courses will help you pick which class is best for you to enroll in depending on the area of your education you are looking to expand. Learn the secrets behind your drink of choice.

There's an online course for everything nowadays. Where are you most interested in furthering your education? We can't judge you if you answer wine; who doesn't love a nice glass with dinner? Believe it or not, there are a bunch of online wine education courses for you to enroll in. And they're not expensive, either. 

Depending on your interests, there are wine courses for everything, from making wine at home to learning the basics of winemaking from a professional, and even the best ways to further enjoy wine.

Mastering Wine - Jancis Robinson's Shortcuts to Success

One of the most basic wine education courses is taught by Jancis Robinson. In this course called Mastering Wine, Robinson teaches her students the shortcuts to success through feeling confident about wine in any situation. 

Opening the opportunity to further explore wine, the course lets you choose a wine from a restaurant list with confidence, decipher labels, and avoid any wine pitfalls. Depending on the social setting, you will easily understand which wine works best. Plus, you will sniff out the best wine bargains, no matter the options. 

Wine: Everything You Want to Know, Taught by a Winemaker

Wine: Everything You Want to Know, Taught by a Winemaker is one of the most beneficial wine education courses for beginners. You will soon be able to enjoy wine without judgment or care by learning the basics of wine consumption. Taught by Michael Macfarlan, a professional winemaker at an award-winning boutique winery in Central Virginia, this course will offer a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of your favorite beverage. 

Along with a newfound confidence in not only your knowledge but your taste, this course provides you with an easy to follow exploration of the world of wine. Your wine drinking experience will grow from this charming instructiona, and the only requirement is to have a love of wine. We're sure you've got that covered. 

Introductory Wine Course (Express)

Another introductory course, the Introductory Wine Course (Express) is taught by HBF School's Svetlana Kasparova, a wine expert. Suitable for anyone as no prior knowledge of wine is required, the course is specifically meant for wine beginners. 

The wine bottle label can be overwhelming, and that's where this course comes in. In a fast-paced, but easy to follow course, the videos teach students to differentiate wine glasses, wine tastes, country, origin, and even wine and food pairings for beginners. Soon enough, you'll be organizing your own wine tastings and maybe even debunking some common wine tasting myths. Explaining the core principles of wine production and the impact quality of wine, the course is the perfect one for people who love wine, but don't have much actual knowledge about the drink. 

Become A Wine Expert: 40 Questions You Never Dare to Ask

Become A Wine Expert: 40 Questions You Never Dare to Ask is a much different concept for a wine course compared to more basic beginner courses. Divided into five main sections, the course is much more in-depth than a basics course. The course is created to help you develop your confidence in all aspects of wine. 

As one of the most impressive online wine education courses, this class includes grapevine cultivation, understanding vintage, and locating popular wine areas. You can even learn how to make a good wine cellar at home. Conduct a wine testing with confidence, conduct wine pairings, and apply the most important rules of wine drinking to your everyday life after finishing this class. 

Get Wine-Smart

Get Wine-Smart allows wine drinking beginners to think about wine differently. The course teaches its students how to critically analyze a wine, and express their opinions with confidence. Educate yourself on wine vocabulary and heighten your senses and palate for wine. 

Who doesn't want a better appreciation for their drink of choice? This course will help you recognize the major grape varieties, as well as the most popular wine styles. With over 2,000 students already enrolled, join the class with confidence that your wine knowledge will build drastically. 

Home Wine Making for Complete Beginners

As one of the most specific wine education courses to take, Home Wine Making for Complete Beginners is the perfect class to spice up your wine appreciation. The course is designed to familiarize even the most basic beginners with easy home winemaking.

At an affordable price, this class makes it possible to concoct your own bottle in your kitchen. Each video shows recorded footage of wines being made, making for a simple, follow-along style course. If you're looking for something new and fun to do, this is certainly it. 

Wine Confidence - Enjoy Wine Without Being An Expert

Wine Confidence - Enjoy Wine Without Being An Expert is a course taught by David Baer. Baer has created this course to pull back the curtain on the world of wine for his students. Since the 1990s, Baer has taught clients such as corporate executives, service professionals, and soccer moms everything they need to know about wine; now it's your turn. 

Set to run at your own pace, the course will eliminate any embarrassment caused by being in the dark about wine. The course will get you past this discomfort to find a new confidence so on your next first date at his favorite spot, you'll know exactly which white wine to pair with Italian. From this online video course, buying wine will become a breeze, and you will finally rid yourself of wine anxiety. 

Top Wine Secrets You Wish You Knew

Want to know a secret? As one of the most interesting wine education courses for curious wine lovers, this course teaches the top secrets of your favorite drink. Laying out the most important things to know about wine, the course will train your brain to understand the taste of wine before you even buy it. 

Soon, you'll be able to identify the grape varietal in wine that is labeled according to the region. Not only this, but you will be able to speak about wine with confidence and intellect — forget choosing a wine just based on its cool label. 

Making Homemade Wine: A Step-by-Step Guide!

Another guide for homemade wine, this course is the step by step instructional for winemaking, created just for beginners. This is a video-based course that teaches beginners how to produce wine from juice. Which type of grape juice will create your desired taste? 

Not only does this class give you to guide to making personalized wine, but it will help you learn how the process works, how yeast produces alcohol, plus the fermentation process. Once your wine is made, you'll learn how to properly store and bottle your wine. Plus, the course even provides professional looking labeling and bottle tricks. 

3 Low Cost Business Tips By America's #1 Wine Brand Founders

Last of the best wine education courses is a little different than the other typical courses. Created by Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, 3 Low Cost Business Tips By America's #1 Wine Brand Founders is a course all about the information they learned along the way of creating their successful business, Barefoot Wines. 

As owners of the world's largest wine company, Michael and Bonnie cover the three biggest strategies: worthy case marketing, making your supply chain your asset, and outsourcing. Wine lovers and entrepreneurs alike can learn from this course.

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Ultimate Guide to Wine Education Courses
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