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Valentine's Day Gifts for Couples Who Love to Drink

Want to give your lover a great gift for drinking that the two of you will always use and love? These are the best gifts for couples who love to drink this Valentine's Day!

Couples who enjoy drinking are the couples who certainly know how to have a great time. It doesn't entirely matter what choice of alcohol they like, what matters is that they're doing it together. Whether they're out for dinner or simply lounging around in the house, there's always an excuse to pop open a bottle of wine, or crack open a bottle of whiskey. And these are the type of couples who take drinking seriously. Not only are is their taste in alcohol precise, but they have collections of drinking glasses, decanters, bottle racks, and other accessories to increase the love they have for alcohol.

So, what can you possibly give your significant other this Valentine's Day? Well, for a couple who can casually drink on a Wednesday evening, the ideas are endless! However, I've listed only the most unique and best gifts for couples who love to drink to help you out. Yes, any of these gift ideas will have your partner falling more in love with you, but they're also gifts that the two of you can always share. 

Giftology Lismore Diamond Set of 2 Lead Crystal Shot Glasses by Waterford

Take shots like royalty with these stunning shot glasses by Waterford. For a couple who has an eye for high-end glasses and drinking accessories, these crystal shot glasses are everything luxurious and much more. They're also the perfect pieces for adding to any of your shot or glassware collection!

These elegant shot glasses are part of the Lismore Diamond collection and are seen as timeless glasses to make all of your shot taking the best ones yet. The intricate diamond cut on these glasses gives off a gorgeous brilliance and the gleaming gold accents makes this the ideal gift for any couple. 

Outdoor Wine Table by Michael and Ania Shepler

For the couple who can't lounge in the backyard without a glass of wine, this wine table is ideal for the two of you. Setting a bottle and glasses anywhere on the ground could end up with them tipping over and spilling or you accidentally knock them over and completely shatter them. Don't rely on the ground to hold up your bottle and wine glasses anymore, because this wine table can safely and securely hold exactly what you need for the best outdoor drinking experience.

This cleverly designed table is meant to grip your wine bottle, two wine glasses, and even hold up a plate of snacks for pairing on the side. You can easily plant the table anywhere, from sand on the beach to grass in your backyard, and it'll stay locked in there until you release it. Make all of your outdoor drinking experiences the classiest ones yet with one of the coolest gifts for couples who love to drink.

Gold Luster His, Hers, and Ours 3-Piece Decanter and Whiskey Glasses Set by American Atelier

This set is definitely one of the best gifts for couples who love to drink—a Gold Luster His, Hers and Ours set. For the whiskey drinkers who believe whiskey tastes better when drinking out of special glassware, you can't go wrong with gifting this to your partner. While the set comes with two whiskey glasses marked "His" and "Hers," it also comes with a beautiful, large decanter marked "Ours." Always share great tasting whiskey with this extraordinary set. 

The metallic accents on the glasses makes it appear rich and it'll look even better with the whiskey in it. You can also display this set anywhere, since it's a stunning set that should be showed off and not tucked away in the cabinets.  

American Lager Complete Beer Making Kit by Mr. Beer

This one is for the couples who have a true passion for craft beer. If you're a couple who religiously checks out breweries on the weekends, this kit can basically bring the brewery straight to your house! Among the greatest gifts for couples who love to drink and one of the best gifts for craft beer lovers, Mr. Beer's beer making kit can get couples spending time together and creating amazing tasting craft beer that can be enjoyed by the two of you.

While the kit comes with reusable and shatterproof bottles, the two of you are also getting the rich golden color beer that features a medium body and full malt flavor that's perfectly balanced with a very mild bitterness. The high-quality ingredients will make your home-brewing craft beers taste amazing on the palate and even last a long time.

His and Hers Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set by Brookstone

Enjoy any type of beverage with these beautiful Moscow Mule Copper Mugs! Vodka, beer, or even whiskey, the two of you can enjoy drinking together with this couple's set. Designed to be "Hers" and "His," these mugs are the perfect addition to your bar accessory collection. Either for display and using them to drink all the time, they're certainly timeless pieces reflecting the stunning color of rose gold.

These mugs are plated in copper with a brass handle for a secure grip. Enjoy your days together and many more in the future with these mugs. The two of you can also whip up great cocktails in these decorative cups!

Wine Glasses and Markers by Alchemy Bar Goods

Customize each other's wine glasses with one of the coolest gifts for couples who love to drink! With the wine glass markers in this pack, you can write personal messages on each other's glasses or even draw funny images for a good laugh. This is also a more unique way to claim your personal wine glass whenever popping open a bottle of wine!

While the pack comes with five markers, these markers are specially designed to draw on glass without smearing. They also dry really fast, too, and the markings can easily be scrubbed off so you can always redraw the next time you open a bottle of wine. Make all of your wine drinking experience a unique one when drawing on each other's wine glasses!

Bracelet Flask by Julianne Ahn

For the couple who love drinking anywhere they go, this bracelet flask is not only super cool, but wearing it is also comfortable, too. Rather than bringing around a flask, the bracelet can easily fit around your arm and it can hold a decent amount of whatever spirit you prefer to put in it. Perfect for concerts, festivals, and other events, this bracelet flask can easily be taken around anywhere. However, never drink out of it if you plan on driving!

Made out of porcelain and designed in a gunmetal finish, this flask completely overpowers any other flask because of how nifty and stylish it is. The cork also makes it simple to secure the flask from spilling... and we would hate to see our flask leaking and wasting the precious liquor.

Nine Piece Wine Travel Bag by Kovot

Are the two of you drinkers... and hikers? Because I've found one of the most perfect gifts for couples who love to drink this Valentine's Day. Enjoy a glass of wine with a stunning view from the top of a mountain with this wine travel bag! Either hiking, going for a picnic, or heading to the beach, this travel bag can store everything you need for the best wine drinking experience.

The travel bag actually includes two acrylic wine glasses, two wine glass stakes, two cloth picnic napkins, a corkscrew, and a bottle stopper all in one elegant carrying bag! There's also a compartment to keep your wine chilled if you prefer. This wine travel bag can make all of your adventures a more exciting one when there's wine in the end to enjoy.

Wine and Beverage Bottle Stoppers by Wine Condoms

Probably the best gift idea among the gifts for couples who love to drink... a wine condom! No, it's not an actual condom, but it's a condom for your wine bottle! It's used as a bottle stopper and it's actually the funniest and most peculiar way to shut a bottle of wine. Save a good bottle of wine by sealing it with a... condom.

This pack comes with six wine condoms and they're super easy to slip on. Even celebrities like Amy Poehler, Mila Kunis, Madonna, Ruby Rose, and others find the wine condom to be a great accessory for their wine bottles. It was also mentioned on NBC's Today Show! You can store the wine condoms just like how you'd store regular condoms; in your wallet, back pocket, purse, or anywhere else. These are also a must have item for every wine lover!

Monogram Set of 4 Marble & Acacia Wood Coasters by Cathy's Concepts

Lastly among the best gifts for couples who love to drink this Valentine's Day are these beautiful monogram coasters. Customize the coasters with the initial of your last names for a more personalized touch. Use them for all of your drinking glasses and prevent your glasses from ruining table tops and other surfaces. These are also ideal if the two of you own a home bar!

This stunning set comes with four customizable coasters made from marble and natural acacia wood for that remarkable design. Every lover of drinking needs a set of coasters and you're not passionately drinking if the coasters don't represent you and your partner! Don't settle for ordinary coasters—your significant other will fall in love with these special coasters instead!

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