When a Drunk Driver Crashes into Your Living Room (While You're in It)

Yet Another Reason You Shouldn't Drink and Drive

Everyone has that one crazy night in college. Mine is just a little different.

My roommate Paul, his girlfriend Miranda, and I had just gotten home from a night out. We (being responsible young adults) took the local shuttle bus to the downtown area where we enjoyed a couple drinks. After arriving home at 1:55 AM, we went inside and sat down in our living room. Five minutes later, a middle-aged (irresponsible) woman apparently wanted to join us and crashed her Mercedes into our living room.

You can imagine the words that came out of our mouths...

Paul and I were sitting in two orange chairs leaned up against the wall she collided with. It was loud—it sounded like crunching metal and splitting wood. We didn't know what it was at first, but her engine kept revving, and I quickly realized what happened. We ran outside screaming expletives as this woman was trying to back up. She couldn't because, you know, she hit our f***ing house.

I forced her door open and made sure she was alright. She told me that her car was stuck and asked if I could help back it out. I kindly agreed (because why argue with a woman—let alone a drunk one) and had her give me the keys and get out of the car. Then I called the police.

As we were waiting for help to arrive, she told us not to tell her husband about it.

I assured her that I wouldn't tell him. I even went over to the crowd of neighbors that had begun to form and told everyone not to tell her husband about this incident. Despite our best efforts to keep it hush-hush, I think he found out. (You have to be able to have a little fun in times like this, right?)

Here's how it happened...

Our house is located at the end of a 'T' intersection. This woman kept driving straight and collided head-on with the broadside of our house. In the above picture, you can see just how lucky we were. The two of us were sitting between the window and the front wall. If she crashed even a foot or two to the left, there could have been a very different outcome.

The Weird Part...

1) I mentioned we arrived home at 1:55 AM, and exactly five minutes later this happened. Strangely enough, this happened the night of daylight savings. At the exact moment of the time change from 1:59 AM to 3:00 AM, this lady crashed into our house.

Explain that one.

2) For the two years leading up to this, we always joked about how one day someone was going to drive straight through the intersection and into our house.

The Bright Side...

Aside from the major hassle it caused us with getting our house fixed (which her insurance and our landlord took care of), there were also a couple good things that came out of it.

1) Once everything was fixed, we threw a "House Re-Warming" party. Everyone was eager to come check out what happened, so the party was bangin'. No party crashers were allowed.

For the party, we set up a small shrine with the Mercedes grill and some car parts we found in our yard the next morning. The shrine is now hidden in the attic, waiting to be discovered by future homeowners.

2) The second good thing was that we got our entire security deposit back. There were a few things that they should've taken money for, but we took advantage of the excuse "a car crashed into our house and did it."

Closing Thoughts...

The only reason that Paul and I are standing in front of our house looking like idiots (pictured above) is out of dumb luck. Any number of variables could have changed the outcome drastically.

She easily could've killed herself or other innocent people that night.

Don't be an idiot.

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When a Drunk Driver Crashes into Your Living Room (While You're in It)